Frequently asked questions and concerns.

What causes mold?

Moisture and a “food” source — generally cellulose materials such as drywall paper, carpeting, wood and other organic materials.

What are common sources of moisture?

Roof leaks, basement leaks, plumbing leaks, improper venting of attics and bathrooms.

Is all mold toxic?

No, but all mold is a sign of a moisture problem. You should have the area with the mold tested and call a professional to identify the source of the moisture and a solution for it. If you get rid of the mold without solving the moisture problem, it will come back.

Does mold cause health problems?

It absolutely can. This is why we are very careful in getting rid of mold using respirators, negative ventilation systems, and encapsulating the areas we are working in. Once we are done, we can also offer UV purification systems which are installed in your HVAC system to maintain the highest levels of purification and clean air in your home.

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